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Pirate Printing Company Ships Internationally from the City of Brotherly Love

28 Nov

Bitcoin Black Friday

Posted by Sam Whynot

We launched last Bitcoin Black Friday, and we're thrilled to have made it to a second one. Thanks for your support!

In the intervening time we've added a bunch more products, found a supplier that we really love, and continued to watch the Bitcoin ecosystem mature. It's been a lot of fun, and we're excited for what's ahead!

14 Mar

Liberty Forum Sales

Posted by Sam Whynot

We gave our friend Derrick J. Freeman of Peace News Now $20 to bring 43 of our shirts to sell at the Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. Davi Barker of Bitcoin Not Bombs set up our shirts at his table and sold 19 of them (speaking of which - Davi - I think we owe you $15 because you told us you sold 20!).

Unsurprisingly, the Snowden Truth shirt was a big hit - selling 6, followed closely by the Bitcoin shirt - selling 5. You can see the full breakdown of which shirts sold right here.

We made the shirts for between $9 and $13 each, sold them to Davi for $15, and he sold them for $20. All told, sending the shirts to Liberty Forum made us approximately $60 in profit. Not great, but it's something!

12 Dec

More Difficult than Expected!

So, in our first couple weeks as a business we've had a few difficulties - we're on our third screenprinter (third time's the charm!), haven't shipped any orders yet, and we're generally feeling downtrodden and dejected.

Hoping to start shipping on Monday, December 16 and get the rest out before midweek. They should all make it for Christmas (though some of the international orders might not). Thanks for supporting us in our first t-shirt shipment!

30 Nov

Micropayments are awesome! Let's test em out.

A little nervous about this, but here goes:

For the next 48 hours, if you have >100 friends and share this post (copy paste the post's whole text, too), we'll send you $1 in bitcoin.

Friend me to confirm, or email us with a link/screenshot proving the post/your friend count. Include your wallet address if you want, or we'll just Coinbase the $1 to your email.

Think we'll go broke from this?