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Pirate Printing Company Ships Internationally

Services Wanted

Complete any of the tasks below and we'll pay you out in bitcoin, paypal, or you can renew your credit for shirts at cost. We'll keep track by who edits the google docs (linked below), or just use the contact form to contribute and let us know your wallet address (or your shirt order). All prices below are negotiable - do you think we're being fair? Let us know.
  • Marketing = $1/shirt sold (up to $50)
  • Finding retail partners = $20/retail partner
  • Design: suggestions = $0.50/shirt sold (up to $100), designs = $1.50/shirt sold (up to $300)
  • Cut costs (send us suggestions) = 20% of costs (up to $100)
  • Find a better platform for us (send us suggestions) = $depends
    • Enables financial & operational transparency
    • Enables teamwork & crowdsourcing
    • Easily customized
  • Make shirt images display when mouse hovers over designs = $10
  • Tell us how to make social media icons color = $3
  • Make toggle to display all dollar costs on the site at current bitcoin exchange rate.
  • Help us figure out how to get on the front page of google results for "bitcoin t-shirt" = $50
  • Post any of the above services wanted on odesk, fiverr, taskrabbit, etc. = $3