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Pirate Printing Company Ships Internationally from the City of Brotherly Love

The Crew

We serve two groups of people - those making the stuff and those using it. There's no point in making stuff if people have to be miserable for it to exist, right?


snax y-not - Founder

Wags - Designer

Nate - Designer



Pete Walski of Meme War

Awesome Dudes Printing


Matt at Do It Now Promotions


Shopify - eCommerce platform

Bodek & Rhodes - Apparel source

Bitpay - Bitcoin payment processor


Friends Who Accept Bitcoin

Greg at The Bed Boss

Davi Barker at Shiny Badges - Bitcoin pins and more!

Jason King at Sean's Outpost - Pretty much the coolest bitcoin charity out there.

Kristov Atlas - author of the Anonymous Bitcoin e-book, a guide to using Bitcoin with maximum privacy.

 Mike at New Wave Traders, an online store for retro video games and vintage toys.