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Robber Baron Swag by Kristov Atlas

Robber Baron Swag by Kristov Atlas

Who are we?

We are two young men looking to develop ourselves as entrepreneurs and contribute to the philosophical landscape. We seek to flush out the boring, inelegant apparel that typifies current freedom clothing, and replace it with bold and stylish offerings.

Why buy our swag?

You want to promote all the best life has to offer. Liberty, philosophy, friendship, family, good childhoods. But, you do not want to debase these values with unappealing presentation.

A well-designed piece of apparel can be a conversation starter, if you’re looking to capture the attention of strangers and spread freedom in the world. It can also be a way of broadcasting your values to allies. This is what Robber Baron Swag offers to you.

Why “Robber Baron Swag”?

The Robber Baron in history is a term for the worst kind of pillaging, wage-slaver monopolist you could imagine. It’s a slanderous phrase coined by those ignorant of the facts of the past, and of the present world we live in. The “Baron” behind this derisory moniker was the one who started with nothing and built an army devoted to serving mankind as efficiently and affordably as possible.

Not an enemy, but a great benefactor.

We’re taking the term back by embodying the ethic of the heroic “market entrepreneurs” of the 19th century, while shunning the parasitism of the “political entrepreneurs” of that age. We work with kindred Barons to provide our customers with a superior product that asserts the highest values of liberty. Our wealth will be generated through mutually beneficial, free market exchange. Our modest contribution toward improving everyone’s standard of living will be to help fellow freedom lovers to express their identities.