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Pirate Printing Company Ships Internationally from the City of Brotherly Love

12 Dec

More Difficult than Expected!

So, in our first couple weeks as a business we've had a few difficulties - we're on our third screenprinter (third time's the charm!), haven't shipped any orders yet, and we're generally feeling downtrodden and dejected.

Hoping to start shipping on Monday, December 16 and get the rest out before midweek. They should all make it for Christmas (though some of the international orders might not). Thanks for supporting us in our first t-shirt shipment!

25 Nov

Open Business

I started this website to test out a pet idea of mine: running a completely open business. I'm new at this, but for now, all company intellectual property, partnerships, and financials will be as transparent as possible.

In the future, I hope to combine the transparency of the Bitcoin protocol with open source code to run the website's sales. I don't have the resources or expertise to build such a thing right now, so I'll do the best I can without it. If you're interested in that project, get in touch.